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Our gifts for seniors are helping people to make a statement, but don’t take our word for it. Check out what other people are saying to see why Coverz has people excited!

Customer Top Rated on QVC, all 5 star reviews

“I had purchased one of these covers for my Grandma and it is awesome! Not only is it fun and stylish, but so easy to put on and take off. I was so happy to see this product on QVC and will definitely buy additional prints for her to have a variety. I highly recommend this product.”

“Thank you so much for carrying these coverz. I received 2 of them for gifts and I love them. Everywhere I go (store, the doctors office, friends houses) I get tons of compliments on them. It makes me feel good to use my walker coverz. Coverz helps me stand out in a crowd, and I can always tell which walker is mine. It is a great product and a great gift.”

“Glad to see QVC is carrying this product. Great way to accent walker or wheelchair.”

“I bought the Cheetah print and loved it! It fits perfectly and I keep getting compliments on how stylish I look! I will continue to buy more of these adorable covers for my friends. These are the greatest and so many patterns to choose from… Something for everyone.
Love it!!!!”

“Just love my seat cover. Keeps you from sticking to seat in hot weather. Lots of smiles when they see my cover with all the cats on it. Just love it and very washable too. A great idea!”

“This adorable cover set is one of the best, and most commented on, gifts that my daughter has ever given me!! I get more positive comments on these, than my jewelry! For those of us who need a bit of assistance, the cover puts a positive spin on our situation. I get stopped on the street constantly, with people asking me where they can get one, either for themselves or someone they care about. My daughter calls my Rollator, my sports car! For those of us who need some assistance, the covers are an attractive accessory or even classy depending on what statement you want to make!
Thank you for giving us a fun, attractive option. Be ready for compliments!!”

“For years, I have told my children and grandchildren not to give my any presents. This cover set was a wonderful exception. I was a little depressed when I had to start using a walker. This really brightens my day. I get so many compliments that I think I may actually be walking more. It is so easy to use. I will get some with the playing card design for my friends in bridge groups. I may not be stylish any more, but my walker is.”

“I purchased this as a gift for a neighbor who uses a walker. I have been wanting to give her something different and special just to let her know that I was thinking about her. She was thrilled with the Coverz, especially since I gave her the one with the playing cards on it. She immediately put it on her walker and now wants to get one for her bridge partner, who also uses a walker. She said, “We will be quite the team!” This is a fabulous gift for anyone using a walker (male or female). It is easy to put on, washable, fashionable, affordable, and as my neighbor said, “Makes me feel really snazzy.” This gift made my neighbor’s day. The Coverz is a great way to “accessorize” and dress up something that many people, especially seniors, have with them 24/7.”

“This is a great item to personalize and update any walker! With the cover on, you can identify your walker right away. Also, for the price, this makes a great gift.”

“I ordered three cover sets for our three parents who are all using walkers now. There isn’t much you can give the over 80 set and these colorful, interesting covers will give them so much pleasure.

“I gave one to a friend, and she just loves it because it is bright, cheery and easy to care for. And there’s such a range of patterns that I know I’ll be able to find others she will enjoy, too.”

“Really fun gift! We gave one to my husband’s grandmother and she loved it. We’ve always had trouble finding gifts for her, we usually resort to warm socks, but that’s pretty boring – this was a lot more fun, and she’d never seen anything like it or thought of snazzing up her walker. Fun!”

“Love this, we’re going to buy more for gifts. Fits perfectly.”


Thanks for making such a great product for someone who swears every year that she does not want anything for Christmas! Thanks for making me a superstar again this year. -Dawn

Awesome! -Kim

I purchased a Coverz for a friend. She is a stylish 82 year old and she really loved it. -Billy

It made my mom’s 89th birthday! -Susan

You would have thought I gave her diamonds. -Dorothy

When will it arrive? There’s no way I’m giving my grandma her new walker without a Coverz. -Erica

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